Flexible and highly secure storage solutions designed for the cloud.

Scalable storage solutions to fit the needs of everyone!

High Availability

The data is replicated three times and distributed across various servers and data center racks to ensure high availability.

Network Storages

You can easily increase your storage capacity from 1GB to thousands of terabytes.


Optimized for IOPS and latency to provide lightning-fast performance.


Access network storage volumes that allow you to store data persistently and configure them to attach dynamically to your instance.


Enhance the storage capacity of the instances by attaching volumes that are managed separately.


The attached volumes remain intact even after deletion, which enables data to be reused on another instance or keep it for future reference.


Automate the creation and deletion of the volumes using our RESTful API.


Avoid slowing down the applications with slow storage solutions - take advantage of our disks with high throughput sequential read speed for rapid access to necessary data, offering up to 12,000,000 IOPS per volume!

Fully Automated

Easily start using the system with automatic configuration of storage, whether as a file system or a block device, including the convenient option of expanding partitions.

Transparent Pricing

Built on Ceph, a software-defined, scalable, and top-tier storage platform that guarantees exceptional storage performance and reliability, for your most demanding cloud-native workloads.

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Reduce your costs without compromising on quality!

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