Oblivus Difference

We're not just your average Cloud Service Provider, we're a game-changing one!

Unbeatable Pricing

Our marketing strategy is based on industry-leading pricing. We keep our prices low while maintaining high quality. By switching to Oblivus Cloud, you can reduce your expenses by up to 80%.



Oblivus Cloud offers full customization. You can adjust the amount of RAM, number of GPUs, and vCPUs to meet your specific needs. We give our customers the flexibility to tailor their instances to their unique requirements.

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Flexible Infrastructure

Our infrastructure is highly flexible, providing our customers with the ability to scale their instances and replace their main components without needing to redeploy them. This means that a customer can add a GPU to their instance at any point in time.

Storage Networking Data Centers


Our company is proud to be the first in the GPU cloud industry to accept cryptocurrency as payment. We have partnered with Binance to ensure that all payments are secure and free of fraud through their KYC process. Customers can use EUR to instantly top up their account balance.

Oblivus Cloud

Designed for everyone.


Pay for the exact amount of resources you consume, down to the minute. No additional fees, undisclosed costs, or unwanted complications.


Get instant access to thousands of GPUs and CPUs, and scale up as needed to meet your workload.

Reserved Instances

With Reserved Instances, you can commit to a long-term plan and get even better prices than our already industry-leading rates.


Utilize our API to integrate additional functionalities into our infrastructure that are tailored to your specific needs. Our API is completely free, easy to use, and fast!

Network Storage

Expand your storage options beyond local storage limitations. Our network storage solution allows for seamless scalability.


Easily manage your team through our panel and maintain transparency in transactions by using the same billing profile for your organization.

Our focus is on delivering easy-to-use and affordable solutions that empower individuals and businesses to build, create and grow applications without complications. High Performance Computing was difficult to access, but we are changing that narrative.

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