Instance Restrictions

Find more information about the provisioning limitations, which are primarily determined by the physical hardware constraints.

GPU Restrictions

These constraints are relevant to GPU instances that match the specific GPU model. It's important to keep in mind that for each GPU, at least one vCPU should be allocated. For example, if you request provisioning for 8 GPUs, you must have a minimum of 8 vCPUs allocated for the request to succeed.

Max GPUs per Instance
Max vCPUs per Instance
Max RAM per Instance
H100 80GB SXM 8 48 128 48GB 1024GB 100Gbps
A100 80GB SXM 8 30 94 48GB 695GB 100Gbps
A100 40GB SXM 8 18 94 24GB 492GB 100Gbps
A100 80GB PCIE 8 30 94 48GB 695GB 40Gbps
A100 40GB PCIE 8 18 94 24GB 492GB 40Gbps
A40 8 40 94 48GB 702GB 40Gbps
RTX A6000 8 40 126 124GB 712GB 40Gbps
RTX A5000 8 30 122 48GB 706GB 40Gbps
RTX A4000 7 32 46 8GB 366GB 40Gbps
Tesla V100 NVLink 8 8 60 120GB 936GB 10Gbps
Tesla V100 PCIE 7 8 44 60GB 240GB 10Gbps
Quadro RTX 5000 4 24 30 120GB 170GB 10Gbps
Quadro RTX 4000 7 22 30 120GB 240GB 10Gbps

CPU Restrictions

These limitations are relevant to CPU-based instances and help us ensure availability for all of our customers.

Max vCPUs per Instance
RAM/vCPU Ratio
Max RAM per Instance
AMD EPYC Milan 46 4GB 176GB 10Gbps
AMD EPYC Rome 46 4GB 176GB 10Gbps
Intel Xeon Scalable 94 4GB 238GB 10Gbps
Intel Xeon v4 60 4GB 238GB 10Gbps
Intel Xeon v3 70 4GB 170GB 10Gbps


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