Instance Restrictions

Find more information about the provisioning limitations, which are primarily determined by the physical hardware constraints.

GPU Restrictions

These constraints are relevant to GPU instances that match the specific GPU model. As the number of GPUs increases, vCPU per GPU, RAM per GPU, and storage per GPU also increase proportionally.

Max GPUs per Instance
vCPUs per GPU
Storage per GPU
Public Network
H100 80GB NVLINK 8 32 180 825GB NVMe 100Gbps
H100 80GB PCIE 8 28 180 850GB NVMe 100Gbps
A100 80GB NVLINK 8 32 240 825GB NVMe 100Gbps
A100 80GB PCIE 8 28 120 850GB NVMe 25Gbps
L40 8 28 58 825GB NVMe 25Gbps
RTX A6000 8 16 60 425GB NVMe 25Gbps
RTX A5000 8 8 30 200GB NVMe 10Gbps
RTX A4000 8 6 24 160GB NVMe 10Gbps


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