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GPU Instances

Enterprise-class GPUs, industry-leading prices.

To successfully configure a GPU instance, it is required to have at least one GPU, one virtual CPU (vCPU), and one gigabyte of RAM. Additionally, virtual servers must have a minimum local storage of 40GB, while pods require a minimum local storage of 5GB.

On-Demand Price
Business Price
1-Year Reservation 30% off
2-Year Reservation 45% off
3-Year Reservation 50% off
H100 80GB SXM Reserve Now Reserve Now $3.62/hr $2.85/hr $2.59/hr
A100 80GB SXM Reserve Now Reserve Now $1.69/hr $1.33/hr $1.2/hr
A100 40GB SXM Reserve Now Reserve Now $1.58/hr $1.24/hr $1.12/hr
A100 80GB PCIE $2.41/hr $2.33/hr $1.69/hr $1.33/hr $1.2/hr
A100 40GB PCIE $2.25/hr $2.18/hr $1.58/hr $1.24/hr $1.12/hr
A40 $1.4/hr $1.35/hr $0.98/hr $0.77/hr $0.7/hr
RTX A6000 $1.4/hr $1.35/hr $0.98/hr $0.77/hr $0.7/hr
RTX A5000 $0.84/hr $0.81/hr $0.59/hr $0.46/hr $0.42/hr
RTX A4000 $0.67/hr $0.65/hr $0.47/hr $0.37/hr $0.33/hr
Tesla V100 NVLink $0.87/hr $0.84/hr $0.61/hr $0.48/hr $0.43/hr
Tesla V100 PCIE $0.51/hr $0.49/hr $0.36/hr $0.28/hr $0.25/hr
Quadro RTX 5000 $0.62/hr $0.6/hr $0.43/hr $0.34/hr $0.31/hr
Quadro RTX 4000 $0.27/hr $0.26/hr $0.19/hr $0.15/hr $0.13/hr
System vCPU $0.011/hr $0.0106/hr $0.007/hr $0.006/hr $0.005/hr
System RAM $0.006/hr $0.0058/hr $0.004/hr $0.003/hr $0.003/hr

CPU Instances

State-of-the-art CPUs to cater to CPU-optimized workloads.

The pricing for CPU-only instances is straightforward and determined by the cost per vCPU that is requested. The pricing increases proportionally with the number of vCPUs, and the cost of RAM is included in the per vCPU price.

On-Demand Price
Business Price
1-Year Reservation 30% off
2-Year Reservation 45% off
3-Year Reservation 50% off
AMD EPYC Milan $0.04/hr $0.038/hr $0.028/hr $0.022/hr $0.02/hr
AMD EPYC Rome $0.033/hr $0.032/hr $0.023/hr $0.018/hr $0.016/hr
Intel Xeon Scalable $0.033/hr $0.032/hr $0.023/hr $0.018/hr $0.016/hr
Intel Xeon v4 $0.023/hr $0.022/hr $0.016/hr $0.012/hr $0.011/hr
Intel Xeon v3 $0.015/hr $0.014/hr $0.011/hr $0.008/hr $0.007/hr


3x replicated enterprise storage for maximum data redundancy and availability.

On-Demand Price
Business Price
1-Year Reservation 30% off
2-Year Reservation 45% off
3-Year Reservation 50% off
NVMe Block Storage $0.00011/hr $0.000106/hr $0.00007/hr $0.00006/hr $0.00005/hr
NVMe Shared Storage $0.00011/hr $0.000106/hr $0.00007/hr $0.00006/hr $0.00005/hr
HDD Block Storage $0.00006/hr $0.000058/hr $0.00004/hr $0.00003/hr $0.00003/hr
HDD Shared Storage $0.00006/hr $0.000058/hr $0.00004/hr $0.00003/hr $0.00003/hr


IP Address $0.006/hr $4.4
Data Egress (per GB) FREE FREE
Data Ingress (per GB) FREE FREE


Instantly available, at a fraction of the cost!

Competitor Price
Our Price
AWS 8 61 1x Tesla V100 $3.63/hr $0.97/hr %74
Oracle 6 90 1x Tesla V100 $3.33/hr $1.12/hr %67
LeaderGPU 8 64 1x RTX A6000 $3.92/hr $1.88/hr %52
Paperspace 8 30 1x Tesla V100 $2.30/hr $0.78/hr %66
Microsoft Azure 24 220 1x A100 80GB $5.88/hr $3.99/hr %32
Google Cloud 12 85 1x A100 40GB $4.24/hr $2.90/hr %32
OVHcloud 14 45 1x Tesla V100 $2.34/hr $0.89/hr %62
It is advisable to conduct your own comparisons based on your specific use case. The data presented in this table may be outdated as competitors may have made changes to their pricing. Moreover, please note that network speed, bandwidth pricing, and storage expenses are not taken into account in this comparison table.

Free Features

All your instances come with these features at no extra cost!

Ingress & Egress


Replicated Storage

24/7 Support


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Improved Pricing

Business accounts benefit from our better pricing options, which can offer up to 7% off compared to personal accounts.

Payment Channels

As a business account holder, you have the flexibility to pay your invoices through bank transfers or cryptocurrency payments.

Enhanced Pay-As-You-Go

Business accounts can take advantage of our flexible payment options and switch to our actual Pay-As-You-Go system instead of being limited to the prepaid model.

Account Manager

With a business account, you will have a dedicated account manager who will ensure that all your needs and requirements are taken care of.

Dedicated Support

Business accounts have access to a dedicated support team that is separate from the support offered to personal accounts. This ensures that their needs are met promptly and efficiently.

Pricing FAQ

We utilize a prepaid model where you deposit funds and provision compute. While this model is safe for our business, we understand that keeping track of your account balance can be difficult when running instances. To address this issue, we offer an Auto Top-Up system that converts our prepaid model into a Pay-As-You-Go model, ensuring your instances continue running without interruption.

We accept several payment methods including card payments through Revolut, bank transfers, and cryptocurrency payments through Binance Pay.

Our Auto Top-Up system is a convenient way to ensure your account balance never runs out. Our payment provider for credit cards, Revolut, securely stores your card information after the first transaction made on our system. To enable Auto Top-Up, go to the console under Billing > Auto Top-Up, and set the amount you want to automatically top-up. Our system will then deduct the specified amount from your card. We will notify you of the transaction's success.

If you prefer not to store your credit card information in Revolut's system, you can manually delete the card on the same page in the console. It's important to note that Oblivus does not have access to your card information in any way.

We do not provide a free trial at this time. However, we do offer promo codes for our marketing campaigns. If you have a promo code, you can activate it in the console under Billing > Add Balance.

If you do not have a promo code, there is no need to worry! You can test our system for as little as $0.29 per hour for GPU-based instances and $0.02 per hour for CPU-based instances. You can easily top-up your account with a minimum deposit of $5.

When the instance is running, you will be billed for all of its components including vCPUs, RAM, storage, IP address, and possibly GPUs. However, when the instance is turned off, you will only be charged for the storage and the assigned IP address, which helps to keep costs low when the instance is not in use.

While we don't have a formal cloud credit program in place, we occasionally offer cloud credits for specific academic events or projects. If you are interested in credits for an academic project, please reach out to us at [email protected].

While the vast majority of our clients take advantage of our on-demand pricing with no contract or commitment, we also offer discounts for workloads with predictable usage patterns. We recommend using a reserved instance, which can result in up to 50% better pricing.

No, we do not offer spot or interruptible instances. At Oblivus Cloud, we prioritize the security and reliability of our clients' instances. By offering only dedicated instances, our clients can have confidence in our infrastructure and be assured that their instances will remain theirs until they choose to delete them.

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