Cutting-edge, high-performance networking.

Up to


Overall Capacity


Public Internet Connectivity


Private Internet Connectivity

Take advantage of up to 100Gbps of public internet connectivity per node, with unlimited bandwidth at no additional cost!

Unlimited Bandwidth

We provide unlimited bandwidth without any restrictions.

Secure Data Centers

Our servers are situated in compliant data centers worldwide.

Free of Charge

At no additional cost, we determine network throughput based on the GPU model you choose.


Our HGX modules come with up to 3.2Tbps InfiniBand included in the package.


Take advantage of our cutting-edge networking infrastructure, optimized for the most demanding network-intensive applications.

High-speed Networking

Designed to provide fast and reliable connectivity between your applications and the internet.

DDoS Protection

Equipped with advanced DDoS protection to ensure that your instances are secure from malicious attacks.

Private Networking

Secure and isolated network for your instances, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and ensuring the privacy of your data.

Global Connectivity

Our data centers ensure that you can access our services from anywhere and that your data is stored in a location that is convenient for you.

Low Latency Networking

Optimized for low-latency networking, making it an ideal solution for high-performance computing and real-time applications that require fast data transfer and processing.


We limit the network throughputs depending on the GPU model.

Public Network
H100 80GB NVLINK 100Gbps
H100 80GB PCIE 100Gbps
A100 80GB NVLINK 100Gbps
A100 80GB PCIE 25Gbps
L40 25Gbps
RTX A6000 25Gbps
RTX A5000 10Gbps
RTX A4000 10Gbps

Cutting-edge, easily scalable and resilient infrastructure available at a significantly lower prices!

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