We are thrilled to announce that Oblivus has joined the NVIDIA Inception program!

As a member of this prestigious program, we will have access to many exciting benefits that will help to accelerate our development and growth.

The NVIDIA Inception program is an accelerator program designed to support startups working with AI and data science. The program offers a range of benefits to participating startups, such as access to NVIDIA's technology, expertise, and marketing resources, as well as networking opportunities.

One of the key benefits of the NVIDIA Inception program is access to NVIDIA's technology. This includes access to NVIDIA GPUs, which are essential for running deep learning and other AI algorithms, as well as for high-performance computing applications. With access to these powerful GPUs, our customers will be able to train their algorithms and perform complex HPC simulations faster and more efficiently.

In addition, the NVIDIA Inception program offers Oblivus mentorship from NVIDIA's industry experts. Their guidance and support will be invaluable to the Oblivus team as we navigate the challenges of building and scaling our HPC business.

Our team is also looking forward to the opportunity to network with other program participants. This allows us to share ideas and experiences with others and can lead to valuable partnerships and collaborations.

Finally, NVIDIA's marketing resources will help Oblivus reach more customers and investors as we continue to expand.

We are excited to be a part of the NVIDIA Inception program, and we look forward to making the most of the benefits it offers as we continue to grow and develop our high-performance computing business.